Clean, odor free, comfortable, air conditioned, flush toilets with privacy stalls, lights, sinks with soap, paper towels, and mirrors. On the men’s side there are 2 stalls with a 6 foot urinal and a sink. On the woman’s side there are 4 stalls and a sink. Your guests will forget that they are in a portable bathroom with this model. We handle the connections. (requires a 60-amp or 2-30 amps breaker plug to run electricity and access to a water spigot we supply 100 ft of hose). Don’t your guests deserve the best you have to offer them?

There is a six foot vanity in the woman's bathroom. The BRC Trailer lights up both inside and out allowing for evening events. Rental includes extra toilet paper, soap, paper towels, delivery, hookup and removal. Call an event coordinator with any questions or to book for your next event.

One of the toilet inside the individual stalls. There will be no embarrassment having your guests use this facility. It is clean, sanitary and offers all the benefits of home.

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