Introducing a new concept in outdoor restrooms… a portable sink. We offer 4-bay and 2-bay styles. The units arrive to your site ready for use with water, soap and paper towels with no water hook up necessary as the units are self contained (unit holds 20 gallons of fresh water). It is perfect when water is not available as it is easy to set up and remove. Call us for more details.

Worried about the environment? Ask us about our containment pans. It protects the ground from accidental spillage or leakage.

Hoist Units are available to our roofer friends. (Burgundy color is not currently available)

Bring the unit to your workers. Skylift units allow our customers to move units within a jobsite. Wheels provide easy of relocation. Unit can be taken up to the upper floors or into a basement and then wheeled outside for your service day.