Get a Septic Tank Pumped in Blasdell, New York

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Are you a homeowner in a rural area of New York? Does your home's plumbing rely on a septic system?

Ball Toilet & Septic Services can pump your residential septic tank. Our company is trusted by people throughout New York. You can count on us to do the job right. Our crew can:
  • Pump your home's septic tank
  • Prevent any septic backups
  • Haul away the waste
We sell and install septic tank risers, too.

Don't wait until a problem occurs

At Ball Toilet & Septic Services in Blasdell & Buffalo, New York, we recommend frequent pumping of your home’s septic tank. A septic system backup is a costly – and extremely unappealing – problem. Fortunately, you can prevent it by calling our company! Call 716-823-3606 to request an estimate for our septic tank pumping service.

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What everyone should know about their septic system.

All household waste is disposed of through the septic system. The septic tank system is a small, on-site sewage treatment and disposal system buried in the ground. The proper operation of the septic system is essential to public and private health, to property values, and to the environment.

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The septic system has three essential parts: (1) the septic tank (2) the absorption field (Also called a leech field) and (3) the distribution box (not in the picture but located between the septic tank and the absorption field).

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When waste enters the system several actions occur: First Organic solid matter (anything lighter than the water) floats to the surface creating the "scum" layer. Second inorganic or inert matter (anything heavier than the water) sinks to the bottom of the tank forming the "sludge". Finally only clear water should exist between the scum and sludge layers. It is this water and ONLY this clear water- that should overflow into the soil absorption area. Solid material overflowing into soil absorption area should be avoided at all costs.

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The sludge in the septic tank-inorganic and inert materials will NOT decompose. If not removed, the sludge will accumulate until it eventually overflows, again clogging the soil absorption area (also called the leach field). The soil absorption area (drain field or finger system) consists of a network of perforated pipes (like the one pictured below) laid in a gravel-lined trench. Solids clogging pipe perforations, gravel lining, or the soil pores outside the trench will cause drainage to slow or eventually stop.

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Septic maintenance means one simple thing. Sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank must be pumped out periodically. How often depends on the size of the family as well as the size of the tank and condition of the system. If not pumped out, the sludge will eventually overflow into the soil absorption area (as detailed in the picture below).

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You may not even be aware the blockage is even happening until the systems becomes blocked so badly that it no longer accepts drainage. Replacement costs vary but a leach field replacement is around $6,000. Do not fall into the trap of out of sight out of mind. Maintain your septic for both the environment and your pocketbook.